Scooter Honda ADV350

Scooter Honda ADV350


In 2015, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the City Adventure concept with tourenduro elements. Then the question arose, is such a scooter needed if you can buy a full-fledged tourenduro ?! Many skeptics were wrong, and the Honda ADV-series scooters are in demand. In Europe, Honda ADV scooters are quite popular, although they cost 45 percent more than the same NC750X (pictured below).

After the success of the first X-ADV, the Japanese released the ADV150 and are now preparing to premiere the new ADV350 for the European market.

Features and characteristics of the ADV350:

  • 330cc single cylinder engine (same as Honda Forza 350)
  • power 29 HP at 7500 rpm
  • weight about 185 kg
  • Forza 350 chassis with modifications: slightly larger wheelbase, wider handlebars, more ground clearance
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