SEAT is testing electric car El-Born

SEAT is testing electric car El-Born


In 2020, the Assembly plant in Zwickau will stand up electric hatchback SEAT el-Born fellow Volkswagen ID.3. Spanish model foreshadowed the Geneva concept, and now the tests failed to take pictures of the production version. Despite the camouflage, we can say that, in General, the number of parts it is different from the show car.

Electric car belongs to the segment S. His brother has a length of 4261 mm, and wheelbase is mm. At 2765 El Bourne, the numbers are practically the same.

Lower trim grille with an intricate embossed corners was transformed into a banal grid.


For VW ID.3 it is easy to predict rear electric motor (204 HP, 310 Nm) and three traction battery to choose (45, 58, 77 kWh), providing a compact power reserve from 330 to 550 km in the WLTP standard. Incidentally, the above battery capacity of the specification of piatigorski ID.3 – practically involved and the total capacity of these units – 48, 62 and 82 kWh. It is necessary to consider, comparing this parameter with the numbers of competitors.

The shape of the lights changed radically, like the lines of the diffuser, and reflectors. Rear optics, judging by the pictures of the prototype will be as close as possible to the optics ID.3.

Technically, the MEB platform allows the creation of all-wheel drive version with an additional electric motor in the front (102 “horses”, judging by the platform concepts). It is unclear if using the engineers of this opportunity. However, about the likelihood of building all-wheel drive ID.3 in Volkswagen has already announced. SEATO el-Born, and even more so this version would be useful.

The interior of El born should not be particularly different from the design concept (pictured). By the way, the selection of colors and textures seatovtsy unable to breed stronger el-Born and ID.3, because the architecture of the front panel, they have generally in common.

The fact that the Volkswagen group has planned to strengthen the differentiation between the brands Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT, slightly raising the SEAT slightly and lowering the Skoda in the internal hierarchy. Such attempts have already been made, but not particularly successful, judging by the current prices and sets of options, though marketers and repeat tirelessly on the Seat sportiness and practicality of the Skoda.

The simplest version of the electric car Volkswagen ID.3 should cost less than 30,000 euros. Twin brand SEAT may be more expensive, for example, due to differences in equipment that is installed “in the database”.


Chief product strategy Volkswagen group Michael Yost in an interview with Automobilwoche said that Skoda should be harder to answer the queries in Eastern Europe (read: the need for available versions). SEATO should become the rival of brands such as Alfa Romeo, as mentioned by another legendary Ferdinand Piech, when he headed the concern. I wonder how this strategy may affect the plans of Skoda for the withdrawal of their models on the platform of the MEB. The first in 2020 in the series needs to go crossover Vision iV, and only later the Czechs will show hatchback analogue of the El Bourne, and ID.3.

Do you have SEAT el-Born, the chances of success in Ukraine?

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