SEAT turned into an extreme buggy with linen body

SEAT turned into an extreme buggy with linen body


The Cupra brand, which specializes in charged models from SEAT, has unveiled an extreme concept car called the Tavascan Extreme E.

The first part of the Tavascan Extreme E name refers to the 2019 electric crossover project, and the second hints at its future: the prototype will soon become part of the racing series of the same name. The concept car uses a number of unusual technologies and materials, including linen fiber.

Natural linen at Tavascan Extreme E has replaced carbon fiber. The developers note that the resulting material is no worse than ordinary carbon fiber, and it will be possible to adapt this technology for production cars without extra costs.

Several parts of the Tavascan Extreme E Concept were 3D printed. According to the developers of the novelty, the mass application of this method of production will significantly reduce the cost of cars and the time for their production, as well as provide an opportunity to expand the possibilities of personalization of serial cars.

What kind of powertrain the Tavascan Extreme E concept is equipped with is not specified: it is only known that it received a 54-kilowatt battery located behind the seats and is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in 4 seconds.

In addition, the Tavascan Extreme E should serve as a hint at the future stage of development of the corporate identity of the Cupra brand. Some of the solutions used on the concept will be transferred to the serial version of the Tavascan electric crossover, which the brand intends to bring to the car market in 2024.

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