Second chance: FAW sedan returns to Cadillac design


In the Network posted photos of the successor generation “chetyrehdverki” B70. The model has a new look and a turbo engine it got from the SUV FAW Bestune T77. On the home market the novelty will be released this year.

Great Besturn B70 sedan in the range of FAW group appeared in 2006. the first generation Model built on the basis of the first Mazda 6 (from FAW have a joint venture with Mazda c), and its appearance is designed by the famous Studio Italdesign. At home in 2014 launched the second generation B70 (seemingly on the basis of the “second” Mazda 6). However, if the “first” sedan in China managed to find at 30 000 – 50 000 owners (record – 70 000 sold in 2009 machines), the best result of the “second” of about 20,000 units in 2015, well and by the end of 2017 sales collapsed to about 1900 pieces. So a couple of years ago, FAW took “cityradio” from production. Now it turned out that B70 is returned, the pictures of the third-generation model introduced in the database of the Ministry of industry of China.

In 2018, the group was renamed the FAW Besturn brand in Bestune in the domestic market, together with the name changed corporate style and logo. Today, the new line includes crossovers T33 (transformed Besturn X40), T99 and T77, and fresh B70 was the first sedan Bestune. With SUVs, the new series “cityradio” twin grille with vertical “streaks” and red plate, uniting the taillights. But the optics were made as sedans Cadillac – lights and lanterns have “fangs”. Another “trick” the new B70 – retractable door handles in the top version (the “Americans” this is no solution).

The interior is not marred. Most likely, like crossovers Bestune T99 and T77, inside there was a virtual “tidy” with a large touchscreen multimedia system.

About the platform information. It is not excluded that the “donor” for the sedan once again became a Mazda 6 that is already present (for example, it is based H5-owned brand of FAW Hongqi). According to the document, the Chinese certification body length Bestune B70 equal 4810 mm (10 mm more than the previous generation), width – 1840 mm (+20 mm compared to predecessor), height – 1455 mm (-17 mm) wheelbase 2800 mm (+75 mm). That is, the dimensions of the novelty is close to the local Cadillac CT4 (4760/1815/1421 mm, wheelbase – 2775 mm).


Engine yet claimed only one petrol “turboservice” 1.5 (factory index CA4GB15TD-30), giving 169 BHP same engine recently acquired and Bestune T77, on the cross it is combined with a six-speed “mechanics” or seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches and they, apparently, got the sedan. Previous B70 in China was available with petrol “aspirated” 2.0 (CA4GD1) and “turboservice” 1.8 (CA4GC18T) with a capacity of 147 and 186 HP respectively. Both put six-step “automatic” two-liter engine also is equipped with 6МКП.

The Chinese market Bestune new B70 is expected to be released before the end of this year. About exporting too early to say.

Meanwhile FAW is preparing for the premiere a couple of models with design according to the motives of other brands. So, soon China will introduce electric crossover Hongqi E115 in the style of Rolls-Royce and a compact MPV, reminiscent of the old Renault.

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