Secret Bugatti that was never made | Atlantic

Secret Bugatti that was never made | Atlantic


This is the secret 2015 Bugatti Atlantic that never made it into a production vehicle. For more details make sure to listen to my interview with the deputy design director Frank Heyl @frank.heylFollow me on:Https://

Wow now this is something special you guys this is the Bugatti Atlantic the secret Bugatti that was never made you got butterfly doors and then what happens in the back welcome to the supercoppa Lundy Channel you guys this is really really exciting and just before we get to what’s happening in here just want to thank you guys so much for making this happen today this has really been under wraps for so many years this car and they’ve brought it to Mulsim for us here on a supercar blondie channel just so that we can take a look at it subscribe right now if you haven’t we’ve got so much more to show you right look at this look you’ve got special bugatti suitcases here in the back what you’re looking around of this baby and then this one as well I don’t want to put it on the floor because it’s a bit wet but you see how it rolls here it’s a fully rollable suitcase what they’ve done is for the first time they’ve moved the engine right so in a Sheeran and Veyron you have a mid-engine car which basically means the engine is here behind those front seats in this one they’ve moved the engine to the front now how you get this long nose here to pick the engine and this would actually have a different engine to the sheer on or the fair on this would have a twin turbo v8 but the interesting thing is is that the whole drivetrain is replaceable so that you can choose between a twin turbo v8 or a fully electric bugatti atlantic so for different markets and different conditions you could go right I want the Atlantic pull the electric I live in Switzerland and no one likes the noise of a v8 in the American market you go I want the roar of the v8 let’s go it was going to be unveiled in 2015 unfortunately that did not come to be because of the VW emissions scandal Bugatti is owned by VW they had to kind of put everything on hold and just work out what the implications of that would be and this then got axed it got canceled is a huge disappointment I don’t know for you guys but for me especially because you don’t have a Bugatti a new Bugatti on the market today with these butterfly doors to have a car that looks like this would have been so incredible like these guys it’s a massive door but actually half of the roof opens up as well so you can easily slide in and out of the car we’re gonna get on you know what I’m getting now why not why not look here it says Atlantic this is a pretty standard Bugatti our steering wheel you see something very similar in the Sharon with the engine start button here chassis number one man if this came to be Wow we’d see this on the roads that’s awesome look at this very very thin center console here as well that looks freaking cool that’s all open up underneath here look at this it’s see-through it’s a little Bugatti logo in there that’s a really nice design feature what we know is that it would have been priced below this year on this they’re actually going to take parts from their partners at VW so VW owns a lot of different car brands and then we’re going to take various parts bits and pieces from other VW brands in order to keep the costs of this car lower then a Sheeran Chiron is worth two point three million euros so this might have been one to two million euro all the way over the hoods over the top of the car and here to the back this design actually references the type 57s C from the 1930s that car is actually thought to be the world’s most expensive car today there were apparently four made one of them is missing at this point no one really knows where it is or if it even exists still and that’s lover tune one if you find it or if you know where it is hook us up let us know in the comment section I mean you never know just go down to your dad’s back shed and see if there’s just lover tune while just hiding out there and you had no idea you never know it could be somewhere the three that exists today are super expensive you guys one of them changed hands a couple years ago and the new owner paid thirty four million dollars the one that’s missing could be worth over a hundred million dollars you can see this center line on the type 57s seats the material that that car was made out of it couldn’t be welded together so what they did is they brought the two parts together and then in the middle they put rivets down to hold the two pieces and that’s what created this kind of line going down the whole car so that’s what they’ve done on this part as well all right bring our favorite person Frank Frank actually designed this car so he’s got so much more to tell you about it Frank and do you know what he’s actually decided to join the digital digital world I hope that’s true you’re on Instagram from very first I am now on Instagram go give him a follow show him some love because this is the guy that designs Bugattis this car is so special that even the guys who work at Bugatti haven’t seen it before so they’ve all come down from the castle to have a closer look this car really has been under wraps it’s it’s been like hidden away for years Oh ROS nothing about it online at we’ve never really talked about this fallacy it needs to be spoken about this is incredible I personally love it I love the long nose I love the doors obviously I would love to see you Briganti you have some kind of butterfly doors or something I mean the eb1 turned hers like the scissor doors which is quite cool but um do you reckon there’s any possibility of some butterfly doors okay no this is this is really exciting disappointingly never came to market that’s true you love this car don’t you it’s amazing it would be so nice it would be so nice yeah the doors especially you’ve been fighting to get some butterfly doors and it was such a cool idea and I would have wished it well maybe we can still make it in future let’s hope so let’s hope right fingers crossed you’ve got the engine here but the gearbox in the back that’s the trigger for route balancing reasons behind the center of the wheel yes it’s the front mid-engine actually right to balance the car out of 50/50 weight balance was yes that this whole internal combustion engine drivetrain was interchangeable to an electric drivetrain that’s so where the gearbox and the engine used to sit before yeah would then be the battery that’s really an annuity have there are four electric engines and you would have full digital torque vectoring control over the revolution of each wheel it would have been absolutely so before you bought the car you could specify whether you wanted it to be fully electric or with the twin turbo v8 there would have been both options actually some markets in future won’t even allow combustion engine concerts yeah that would have been the option w16 that’s what we all know is in the Sheeran why do you not have a w16 in something like this you’ve gone for a v8 is that just to keep the costs down or well it makes sense in a way that we said okay we want to position a car below the shoe oh yeah that meant also the price level would have gone and that meant it would have been a car for more Daily News so the Sheeran is supposed to be the pinnacle and this one’s supposed to go below having said that the Sharon has a w16 of w16 engine is two v8s like this so how to go below the Chiron it made sense to do just one okay yeah so what is it Frank 21 and 22 inch that’s right 21 22 and we did that because the whole proportion of the car is based around that having the cabin sits on the back right and so for the height to wheel size proportion it was much more healthy to have the rear wheel one inch bigger you also see that the tire also has a bit more metal you all to give it this forward thrusting purports if this actually came to the market how close would this have looked to what we see in front of us is pretty much look it’s nothing like really so the whole back would have opened like this which is the sensation of the okay this needs to happen you guys this needs to happen and they’re sure on grill it’s kind of higher but this one is wider and you couldn’t make it the same height as the shear on because then you would would have had to be higher and then you couldn’t have seen over from the totally here you have a front engine that means you sit behind the engine that music please have to look over the bonnet yeah and there’s a certain law for home allegations of road cars that says from your eye point you need to be able to see down 4° vision I don’t have any anything obscure your view and that’s why the bonnet needed to be really low and that’s why also we were even able to have these fenders you know elevate themselves slightly over the volume of right oh my god I’m so happy that we see this car today and also have Frank here because I wouldn’t have known you know half that stuff you you are actually the guy who sat there day after day designing this car with a team obviously I don’t know you have to say this is a different time I was in design director back then yeah and this is a whole team of some really talented people and creating that have created work on this car exterior interior so my part back then wasn’t really so much the styling so you were the intern I was an Internet I brought the coffee yeah no my pot back then was the concept of the doors right the tailgate the idea with the wide walls yeah and then another really talented person I didn’t know they allowed interns to make such big decision it was a team work and then there was a super palin for the interior super talent for the rest of the styling room yeah of course one more question for you I’m full of questions why would you have design language from the most expensive car in the world on something that’s meant to be an entry-level Bugatti well it’s such an icon or for us yeah the the type 57s the atlanticus considers one of the most beautiful cars on Heroku so why not reference to that jewel that you have in history yeah okay I get that I suppose the what has happened now since this one didn’t get made now we have leverage in what the 11 million euro car the one-off which also references the type 57s see it’s also has this centre line going all the way down the car that’s true so did you guys go okay well because we couldn’t make this one let’s make a one-off that refers to lock horns Lloyd I wouldn’t really put it that way the Levitan rather one was meant to be the ultimate GT so two people plus luggage traveling in style and comfort and so why why not yes why not use the Chiron as a basis yeah and to position it in that price range had to have a 16 cylinder so that’s why we decided to do it that way yeah okay even though yeah this is part of our history yeah yeah okay all right there you go there’s the explanation all right go follow Frank on Instagram he’s up and running in the digital world um thank you so much as well thanks for coming by still the Wolfman handshake all right guys thank you so so much for watching I hope you enjoyed our look around this incredible car this is the Bugatti Atlantic all right we’re out love you bye

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