Secret VIP Meeting at F1 with Max & Martin

Secret VIP Meeting at F1 with Max & Martin


Tag Heuer invited my to join them as a VIP guest at the Abu Dhabi F1, where I could meet with Max Verstappen and Martin Garrix!![email protected]

what’s up guys this is blondie thank you so much for tuning in to another vlog it is the f1 weekend a major weekend here in the UAE we’re in Dubai at the moment I’m gonna head down at arc we are just waiting for their shuttle bus to take me down to Abu Dhabi we’ve got three packed days first few days with Tag Heuer guess who I’m gonna be hanging out with Mike’s fish diamond and not just the f1 stars the stars that the show as well Martin garrix the three of us are just gonna be hanging out together at the f1 today how amazing is that the countdown is on we’re about five minutes early for the shuttle it’s gonna take us down to Abu Dhabi so we can get the day started we’re gonna go to an exclusive lounge down there no one can get access unless you have the drugs where to get so I’ve got one of those hot little tickets in my hand so I’m gonna go down there now get the day’s alright our ride has arrived going down in style hello how are you good let’s go let’s go let’s go are you excited oh yeah he’ll be awesome um do you know what if you’ve got no ear plugs my ears are gonna be clean do you think these glasses suit the Hat I’m not sure I think it’s either glasses right or hat we think but not glasses and hat my favorite glass it’s very plenty yours they broke I feel lost without them this is kind of like part of my identity no joke a good story huh thanks I thought it was awesome so Martin garrix do you know Martin garrix this is his that’s super famous that song 329 million views on YouTube yeah but animals are you show me another one so we’re gonna go to his party tonight even yeah we’re gonna meet him I’m gonna hang out and we’re gonna go for it anyway well we’re not gonna go party with him he’s probably just gonna go hey what’s up yeah let’s get a shot together alright now I need to go play my set-piece out one bill 1 billion views that’s another level ddddd alright now let’s do it without it on I know we can’t use this what because she’s better Adam Adam bought out Adam over here the we can hear it in the background it’s like right the product yeah we got to the cutting oh say 30 is coming up security hold on hold on security speak are you gonna get through here you carry any do you think all right we have just gone through security clearance no one else can get in this area you’ve got to have one of these special badges and someone just tried to take this off in there the sirens started going they said they’re into where all the action happened this is so exclusive unlike the literally the only person was taking a little garage to that name they are right down here crazy Marcedes who is happy to talk I’m trying to get it on an insisting and it’s just like they go is what we’re doing I told you guys look on me pretty alright we’ve just been told to stop know me because we are actually entering the garage and I’ll film inside that once we get to the other side like this plain area how they raised they’re actually completely taking this car applause hey the actual race because pergola fires which happen tomorrow you need to use the same to carry through to the finals the next day I’m gonna reassemble it again it’s more Racing with so they’ve got five inches max the whole f1 season of 20 races really really good six litre this is Mike’s with Jacques the Red Bull Racing team like I guess time with her max which happened sister Victoria so we were just saying if you being an f1 she’s like yeah there’s no biggie you actually wanted to write and tell us the story writing music on the squirrels and what does it start and then like inside the pool track that red pool and and I was like yeah what size race would be so that’s why I kept up for him she’s like alright you take it you take over I’ll be like your supportive system the polygon charades down here in the red movie thing all together now about to the after parties the minister we can chat the party it is a birthday the f1 first column is May and up front is we are they’re taking us to the optimal body exhausting the rapes or the interview firstly I think if you interview sir yeah it is so it’s mentally more draining yeah yeah yeah yeah totally gather but I wanted to ask you something about how way back not way back in the day like three years ago you’re an f1 driver when you actually couldn’t legally drive what was it like getting your wife normally I mean I was acting normal and to be honest I had t-shirts caps in one so you are using a copper surprise yeah but it didn’t work the guy wasn’t gonna so you actually had to go through / our well then I did the test the next day reverse Park learn reverse parking in f1 it shouldn’t be good yeah they’re doing that not reversal illustrate you think those notes reading mistake okay what do you drive actually play last week why did he need thing is a great car is money as a joke I said what can happen let’s go what about the bankers son is amazing and we just had the Vantage launched here in Dubai this week the new Vantage yeah it’s great to try I’m gonna trade it on myself it’s like easy to control just a lot more enjoyable I was talking to your sister today she’s really clear she says that she kind of gave up her dream of Gracie to support you that must feel amazing that you have such a great kid wehmanen is is really involved of course since I started driving my dad of course also maybe you really supported me a lot and that’s why I also think my sister never got the chance to really embrace me I think she would have been a good driver yeah she says as well one last question for you again no female f1 drivers do you think a woman can do it or is it just – I know you be honest to be completely honest here mom’s getting excited over there ready to go do you think it’s that’s the case PR yes that’s one thing and somehow like in decision-making moments something this is mother instinct which there was like a try I’m mister said but I do think it inside I me a guy with easier to spoke with I could do a die action yeah I’m gonna drive anyone next unit how long all of you how long will you drive it probably about 20 years and I’ll Drive it five meters and that was pretty much it why I would like to see you boy oh it’s a really just magically sir actually it’s very difficult when you’re on the limit yeah because we also make but to learn it initially I started racing when I was four years old so you definitely need a few years to get the experience you can become a baby just get the and one Abu Dhabi 2017 subscribe

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