Sedan Lynk Co 03+ opened to mark the “charged” segment

Sedan Lynk Co 03+ opened to mark the “charged” segment

Aerodynamic kit of carbon fiber (splitter, skirts, spoiler) did not affect the coefficient of air resistance (0,27), but the increased downforce from 11 to 40 kg. Tires Continental ContiMaxContact MC6 combined with new 19-inch wheels.

Turboservice 2.0 petrol (254 HP, 350 Nm) of family Drive-E, known as the T5 in the Volvo, reached sedan Lynk & Co 03 along with eight-speed “automatic” Aisin and all-wheel drive. As a result, the light appeared “charged” modification of the 03+ is the first in the history of the young brand. She exchanged a hundred in 5.9 s. However, “zero the third” high speeds are not used, because its racing the two-liter version develops 528 HP, 504 Nm, firing up to 100 km/h in 4.4 s.


A glossy black roof, pillars, mirror housings, door handles and so on the sign “plus”. The exhaust system with a pair of shotgun envy and race Lynk & Co 03 (he has one in the center). Fierce struggle with excess weight was not, so all the blessings of civilization on the ground, such as Parking sensors.

“Sports” seats trimmed in Alcantara, as well as the multifunction steering wheel, the selector “machine”, the panels here and there. Lemon yellow done not only stitching and accents, and seat belts. The collection tubes in the new mode, the main role is played by the tachometer.

It is clear that the creators of the “plus” had to Tinker with the settings of the chassis, but the Chinese overlook this point. But they write that the braking distance from 100 km/h decreased from unknowns to 34 m. note, the usual Lynk & Co 03 is offered in China with Turbotronic 1.5 (156 HP, 245 Nm and 180 HP, 265 Nm) with semidiapazonnym “robot” and turboservice 2.0 (190 HP, 300 Nm) with a six-speed “automatic”. Price – from 113 800 yuan (1.06 million rubles). At odds of around 3,000 cars per month. The prices on the 03+ is to be announced today.

Who you like this “beast”?

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