Sedans – a bright future for Toyota?

Sedans – a bright future for Toyota?


Over the past month, several producers have announced reductions in its passenger lines in parallel with the extension crossover families. But at Toyota believe that the sedan still has a future – and quite positive.

The head of the American division of Toyota marketing Cynthia Thenhaus said that by the end of 2020 the market of sedans will be about 4 million copies, and the company is ready to take most of it. According to the forecast, the company only in the U.S. Toyota will sell about 750 thousand of these machines, and it more than some of the local producers together.


According to private statistics firms last year, about a third of the owners of Toyota sedans made a repeat purchase and remained faithful to this body type.

“And it’s definitely the market segment in which we would like to attend,” says Cynthia Thenhaus.

For example, Toyota Camry for 18 years, remains the top selling passenger car America, and the popularity of the model before the onset of coronavirus crisis has only continued to grow. A Toyota Corolla General is sometimes called the best-selling model in the history of the automobile industry.

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