See how looks the cheapest electric car in the U.S.

See how looks the cheapest electric car in the U.S.


American office of the Chinese Kandi Technologies Group in August, will represent the cheap electric car for the local market. However, to sell it is not throughout the United States, and only in the Metropolitan area of Dallas-Fort worth, Texas. After deducting government grants the cost of the hatchback will be 12 999 dollars.

Actually Kandi is going to bring to market two models: K27 and K23. The first is a quadruple hatchback with battery by 17.69 per kilowatt-hour, driving on a single charge no more than 160 kilometers. And perhaps it is not even close to the reality the EPA cycle, and outdated NEDC.


More expensive K23 – price based subsidies will be 22 $ 499 – includes a battery with a capacity of 41,4 per kilowatt-hour passes without recharging 290 kilometers. According to preliminary information, the capacity of its power plant – a total of 67 horsepower. It turns out that the only competitive advantage Kandi is the price.

Indeed, the cost of, for example, the Chevrolet Bolt EV is 36 $ 620. MINI Cooper SE – 29 900. While the Nissan Leaf can be bought for 24 $ 100, there is a difference in price between him and Kandi K23 – just 1601 dollar.

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