See what the Lexus LX Cabrio looks like (video)

See what the Lexus LX Cabrio looks like (video)


A body shop from the United Arab Emirates has developed a falconry convertible, a popular entertainment in the country. The frame SUV Lexus LX570 was taken as a basis: it was stripped of a roof, a safety bar was installed in the cabin, which is designed to protect passengers in the event of a rollover of the car, and the front bumper was also modified to increase the angle of entry. As a result of improvements, the LX570’s weight has been reduced, so that the SUV has become more dynamic.

According to the author of the video published on the YouTube channel, the engine was not affected. Under the hood of the SUV is a standard 5.7-liter V8 engine that develops 362 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque. The presenter also said that the car was legalized for public roads, but did not specify how much it cost Lexus LX570 tuning.

This is not the first such version of the Lexus LX. For example, in 2016, a similar convertible for falconry was put up for sale: then an impressive amount of 1.3 million dirhams was requested for an SUV with zero mileage.

Bentley went even further and equipped the Bentayga with a roost for trained falcons. The list of equipment for such an off-road vehicle included tangles (leather straps for a bird’s leash), a 9-centimeter folding knife with a wooden handle, a GPS tracking unit, binoculars, as well as hoods (special hats for a falcon or hawk) and gloves for hunting.

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