Sensors in motorcycle headlights?!

Sensors in motorcycle headlights?!


Honda has applied for several patents for sensors built into the headlights and taillights of motorcycles, notably the Gold Wing and Africa Twin. The technology cannot be called revolutionary, since similar ones are already being installed on the Ducati Multistrada V4, BMW R 1250 RT and R 1800 B, KTM 1290 Adventure S. The Japanese manufacturer is trying to stand out a little against the others.

On all motorcycles of the aforementioned motorcycles, the sensor unit is visible during external inspection. Honda engineers proposed to hide all the stuffing in the headlights in order to pack the sensors more compactly, not to spoil the design. You can also see stereo cameras in the diagrams.

The Honda patent specifies CCD, MOS, or CMOS image sensors (similar to those found inside the headlights of bicycles). The patent describes the inner walls that should protect the sensors from the glare of the LEDs.

Automotive manufacturers (eg Subaru) have already used image-based sensors to measure the distance to nearby objects. They have their pros and cons. Work efficiency is greatly affected by poor visibility, fog or rain. On the other hand, such sensors can recognize colors (useful for identifying a traffic light, for example, or the brake light of another vehicle). The ideal would be to use both image sensors and radars.

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