Serial Audi will be deprived of buttons and switches

Serial Audi will be deprived of buttons and switches


The firm will make interfaces touch: in the list of “victims” were even on the dashboard. Guess what pen decided to keep?

Now the interior is the most expensive Audi includes three screen – a virtual “dashboard”, the Central monitor multimedia system and touch panel for additional settings. However, the physical buttons are still present in the cockpits, even the flagship models.

Chief stylist of the company Marc Lichte sure that in the future the company will be able to get rid of them. According to the prospective plan of the designer, the Central monitors are merged into a single and very large screen, the dashboard will “shrink” and the information will be provided to the driver through large scale projection display with augmented reality.


It is possible that the number of displays in the future will increase: for example, if the company decides to develop a replacement for traditional side mirrors with cameras, the edges of the front panel will be two of the monitor.

But, given the conservative buyers, changes in Audi plan to introduce gradually. In addition, Lichte wants in one form or another to maintain independent volume controls sound multimedia system: now it is a separate handle and already become a kind of distinctive mark interiors firm.

Touch or physical buttons You feel most comfortable?

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