Serial electric car Ioniq 6 was shown on the first renders

Serial electric car Ioniq 6 was shown on the first renders


The pre-production prototype of the Ioniq 6 electric sedan has been winding kilometers in road tests for a long time. And sometimes such races end with the appearance of spy photos on the Web. Now we will be able to look at the future novelty without camouflage.

The designers of the foreign portal CarsCoops have worked on the visualization of the Korean electric car Ioniq 6. Before us is an elegant sedan with rather classic proportions and sleek shapes, which is not at all similar to the current model of the Hyundai brand.

The electric car gets original optics, a “lowered” hood, neat bumpers, deep embossing on the sides, designer wheels and so on. But the interior of the car will be similar to the interior of the Ioniq 5 crossover. Both electric cars will have a double display, such a combination of multimedia and tidy is in vogue today.

It is possible that the electric sedan will receive a second level autopilot, as well as a rich set of modern driving assistants.

The novelty will be built on the E-GMP platform. This means that a battery-powered sedan may well be powered by a 215-horsepower electric motor.

The novelty is also expected to have a twin-engine power plant with a capacity of 308 horsepower. Up to a hundred such an electric car will accelerate in five minutes. Also, the Ioniq 6 will get a 73 kWh battery, which will guarantee it a range of up to 483 kilometers. In the current Hyundai lineup, the new Ioniq 6 may replace the Hyundai Sonata. The new product will only appear on the conveyor at the end of 2022.

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