Serial electricross Ariya, as a demonstration of the technology, Nissan

Serial electricross Ariya, as a demonstration of the technology, Nissan


Company Nissan has officially presented the new electric crossover Ariya. This production model made based on last year’s concept car.

Frankly, we imagined a kind of new Nissan Leaf all-wheel drive with increased ground clearance. In fact, the car was significantly more advanced.


If the Nissan Leaf battery is a top of 62 kilowatt hours, the Ariya, the basic battery pack holds 65 kilowatt-hours, of which 63 are available to the driver. In the top include battery and is 90 kilowatt-hours, of which 87 are available. Capacity batteries of Nissan surpasses not only are such advanced models as the Volkswagen ID.4, but even Tesla Model Y.

Also striking power, which is incomparable with the Nissan Leaf. The basic version is equipped with one electric motor with a power of 218 HP, which accelerates the crossover to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. Interestingly, in the press release we have so far not found mention of what the drive for the car is the base: front or rear, but most likely it will be leading the front wheels.

Maloprimetnaya version with 87-kilowatt battery develops already 242 HP But faster machine, but this is not due to increased mass. So to 100 km/h this Ariya accelerates in 7.6 seconds.


Twin-engine all-wheel drive versions three. Basic features the same 63-kW battery and electric motors, which together give 279 HP, driving the crossover to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. With an 87-kilowatt battery this car already develops 306 HP and accelerates to hundred in 5.7 seconds.

Finally Ariya will be a Performance version with the same battery pack, but with the electric motors total power of 394 HP So will be able to accelerate to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds!

The reserve is given on the methodology WLTP and is preliminary in nature. So, the least can drive a four-wheel drive vehicle with a 63-kilowatt battery: it charge lasts for 340 miles. In monoprinter performance he drives 260 miles.

Of the machines with the older the battery the most voracious version – Performance. Her energy is enough for 400 kilometers. Conventional all-wheel drive version can drive the 460 kilometers. Finally, the greatest reserve has maloprimetnaya Ariya 87-kilowatt battery – it rides on a single charge 500 kilometers.

The creators call your car cross-coupe. This five-seat machine with a large wheelbase at 2,775 mm, but with relatively affordable external dimensions: its length 4595 mm, width – 1850 mm, height – 1660 mm.


Later Nissan promises to announce which markets will be sold Ariya and call prices. Honestly, looking at these specifications we fear that the cost of the crossover can be considerable.

As for the new electric car from us, but Nissan has already patented its appearance in our country, but according to official information, the final decision on the deliveries still pending.

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