Serial Ford Bronco ‘sawed’ doors

Serial Ford Bronco ‘sawed’ doors


The production version of the revived Ford Bronco SUV will not be available with doors that have holes.

Recall that the American company Ford really promised various options for the design of doors, but never said that the doors with holes will become part of the set of branded accessories.

It is worth saying that when Ford Corporation demonstrated the Bronco, it also announced a wide catalog, which will include more than 200 parts.

Since there will be no doors with holes, buyers can order only tubular doors as an option, which cost 850 dollars on the recently launched Configurator.

To date, the American concern has already collected more than 190,000 pre-orders for the Bronco SUV. In turn, the first deliveries of the new product are planned for June next year.

Speaking about the technical equipment of the model, the standard engine was a 273-strong “turbocharger” EcoBoost volume of 2.3 liters paired with a 7-speed manual transmission or 10-band automatic transmission.

Alternatively, a 314-horsepower (542 Nm) 2.7-liter V6 engine is available in conjunction with the automatic transmission only.

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