Serve Tesla yourself: free access to repair instructions

Serve Tesla yourself: free access to repair instructions


Tesla owners now have the opportunity to download instructions, repair manuals, diagnostic programs and other information for self-service maintenance of their cars completely free of charge, the publication reports However, this can only be done via a Chinese domain

So far, North American residents have only been given access to the necessary information for a fee of $ 100. This money is still being asked on the company’s American website, but if you go through a Chinese domain, you can get the necessary data for free and completely legally.

The publication links such disclosure of information with a recent conflict between Tesla and the authorities of the state of Massachusetts. According to state law, no automaker has the right to interfere with the right of citizens to repair their cars themselves. In the state, a vote was arranged, in which car owners were asked whether they wanted the authorities to require Tesla to provide free access to the data of the electronic systems of their cars.

Tesla asked its customers to vote against the new initiative. This was explained by the fact that if the law is adopted, electric cars will become vulnerable to hackers. In return, Tesla promised to make access to the necessary repair information more accessible.

It is not clear why Tesla started opening up free access to data from China. Perhaps, some local laws do not allow you to do this immediately in America.

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