“Seven” BMW will be electric next year

“Seven” BMW will be electric next year


BMW plans to release four new electric cars in the next two years. According to Automotive News, the first will be an electric version of the 7 Series flagship sedan. According to the German brand’s management, the total number of electric vehicles produced by BMW should reach 10 million by the beginning of the next decade.

In addition to the flagship electric sedan, the premiere of the electric compact crossover BMW X1 is also planned for 2022. In 2023, the automaker will market the electric alternative to the 5 Series and the green MINI Countryman crossover. According to sources, sedans will be assembled at the Dingolfing plant along with other electric vehicles, and crossovers – in Leipzig and Regensburg.

BMW expects almost every model in the brand to have an electric version starting in 2023. It is reported that from 2025 BMW will begin selling a completely new family of electric cars, which is now called the Neue Klasse. A new platform is being designed for this line, which Rolls-Royce will also be able to use. It allows the use of internal combustion engines and hybrid installations, but is focused on electric traction. From that moment on, the MINI brand should abandon the use of purely gasoline engines.

Thus, the volume of production of electric cars over the next 10 years, according to BMW estimates, should reach 10 million, taking into account all the brands included in the concern.

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