Seven coupe, Toyota Supra may be problems with the seat belts

Seven coupe, Toyota Supra may be problems with the seat belts


The Bavarians said that a problem with seat belts can be detected… the Toyota Supra. And this seems to be not treated.

Reviews and service campaign – it is everyday practice in the automotive industry, although, of course, the vast majority of cases, service of the promotion announces a title manufacturer. This time at first glance what went wrong: a security problem Toyota sports cars attended in Munich.

However, in fact, nothing strange in the situation there. The American national administration of safety of traffic and the BMW group announced that seven copies of the coupe, Toyota Supra, there may be problems with the seat belts. It is alleged that the fastening loop of the strap on these sports cars could be incorrectly welded, that in the event of an accident will exacerbate the risk of injury.


According Motor1, only three of these seven coupe has already been transferred to buyers, and an invitation to visit the dealership addressed primarily to them. If the problem with the seat belt anchor is confirmed, repair the car will not be: the car will be replaced entirely.

As to the reason why the opinion of TRENDware announced the “Toyota” and their Bavarian colleagues, in a letter to the editor of the American Motor1, the company said, because the situation is simple. The reason is that Supra and BMW cars built by the factory Magna Steyr in Graz in Austria.

Approve of this approach is Toyota’s problem solving?

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