Seven-time Formula 1 champion sold an exclusive supercar

Seven-time Formula 1 champion sold an exclusive supercar


Seven-time Formula 1 champion Sir Lewis Hamilton has sold the exclusive Pagani Zonda supercar. There are only five registered Zonda 760s in the world, and Hamilton’s two-door LH is one of them. The distinctive features of the Zonda 760 LH, released in 2014, are a manual transmission, a bright purple color scheme and a minimum mileage (less than 1000 kilometers). It is known that the car was acquired by a collector from the UK, but there are no other details.

Lewis Hamilton parted ways with the Pagani Zonda 760 LH a week after the dramatic 2021 season finale, in which the Briton lost the title to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen on the last loop.

However, the Mercedes-AMG pilot has repeatedly criticized the Probe’s handling, so the decision to sell the supercar could have been made long ago.

The Pagani Zonda 760 LH was operated only in Monaco, and in 2015 Lewis got into a minor accident in a 760-horsepower supercar. The car was quickly restored, and this incident hardly affected the price. According to journalists, in 2014 the exclusive coupe cost Hamilton two million dollars, and taking into account the rarity of the supercar and its history, the price has definitely increased in seven years.

Formula 1 champions can quickly sell their cars – in February, Sebastian Vettel decided to get rid of eight collectible supercars, and five cars found a buyer on the first day.

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