Shares of lidar manufacturers rose on rumors about Apple cars

Shares of lidar manufacturers rose on rumors about Apple cars


Shares of companies that produce lidar sensors soared after the announcement of Apple’s plans to start producing self-driving cars in 2024. This information was shared by CNBC on Tuesday, December 22.

It is noted that Apple may attract partners to develop certain parts of its own self-management system, including lidar sensors. Velodyne Lidar shares soared by almost 23% on December 21, while Luminar Technologies shares gained more than 27%. Both companies are related to lidar technologies.

Recall that lidar is the main component of drones. It is an optical sensor that measures the distance or speed of objects using an infrared laser. As a result, the computer system receives a three-dimensional image of the environment and determines the exact distance to obstacles and other cars, as well as information about whether the object is moving.

Which companies will act as Apple’s partner in creating the car is currently unknown. At the same time, it is quite possible that the American Corporation will decide to create its own sensors, since the manufacturer has already dealt with such technology – the latest iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro models have lidar sensors.

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