Shelby and Miles will again work for Ford

Shelby and Miles will again work for Ford


Ford has announced that it has “hired” two robots as test pilots to test the brand’s electric vehicles in extreme temperatures. Moreover, the robots received names – one was named Shelby, in honor of Ford engineer Carroll Shelby, and the second – Miles, in honor of the racer Ken Miles. Shelby and Miles will be working at Ford’s European Test Center, which has a special camera that simulates any weather conditions – from arctic cold to desert heat and from hurricane wind to thin alpine air.

The automaker uses robots for several reasons. Firstly, this allows you not to put living people at risk, and secondly, the equipment is able to work for many hours in a row with high-precision reproducibility in any situation and does not require rest breaks. In addition to all of the above, Shelby and Miles can perform their functions in temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees and simulate different driving styles, and control is carried out remotely.

Ford began testing humanoid robots back in 2020. Then the company acquired two Digit androids from Agility Robotics, which were then used to work inside warehouses, since they are capable of moving up to 18 kilograms of cargo.

The automaker began using exoskeletons at two American factories back in 2017. Later, in 2019, the company patented a quadrocopter, which could become one of the safety systems for future cars.

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