Shelby Mustang GT500 Vs Train | Race to the San Siro – Part 1

Shelby Mustang GT500 Vs Train | Race to the San Siro – Part 1


The lads race from London’s Wembley Stadium to Milan’s San Siro, the home of Italian football giants AC and Inter. Jeremy takes a Shelby Mustang GT500 while James and Richard pin their hopes on the pan-European rail network. Jeremy explains the heritage of the Shelby name and its association with the 70mph speed limit on UK motorways.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

as presumably parole wouldn’t it pray for some kind of derailment a minor one or a strike French love a strike we are now approaching Fontainebleau at 183 miles an hour there’s proof I suspect even with his mighty Mustang Jeremy isn’t doing that with victory for the Train looking almost certain we now had to tackle a thorny issue there were two of us on it and we only had one ticket to the match I like big matches yeah I like then see everything that is the best thing in the world to watch is fantastic so you quite like to win this yeah I’ll be honest I can take it or leave it I’d rather leave it but in this one instance I want to win more than anything else because I want to deny you and Jeremy the chance of watching it no offense that’s not thinking because I wasn’t really in the race at all only was getting distracted this is good there’s a control on the steering wheel that allows me to choose what dial I have in the middle of the dashboard so I can have volts or Inlet air temperature air fuel ratio I’ve got 14 of those problem we have here is that you and I are competing but obviously what we are engaged in here is a very lengthy truce yeah because we’re there’s nothing we can do now we are tied together until we get there we get off the train but the last bit is on fun yeah now I’m quite happy to run on television are you James well this is what’s bothering me the best I can do is come a second yes with my inability and fusil to run well you’ve lost I’ve currently got eleven what is it in hooks 11 in hook now wait 20 in hugs what’s the point of all this as well tell me the weather forecast for Adelaide then there was the radio which could only receive frequencies ending in an odd number who preceded Alex Ferguson as manager of Manchester United Kennedy oddly was a Ron Atkinson wasn’t he’s a local builder he play mr. bean in 1969 year I was born which legend scored what was claimed as his 1,000th gold George bursts peel the miles rolled by in a relentless blizzard of fuel stops and by mid-afternoon I’d worked out one of this immensely powerful car is say cheap well it’s not what you’d call lavishly equipped these seats for example adjust manually and then you’ve got the plastics which are hysterically terrible and it simply isn’t as refined or as well engineered as anything made in Europe or Japan but it is a likeable car it’s a good-looking car the power is always intoxicating you never ever ever get bored with that and you do get a lot of something else as well heritage this car owes its existence to a Texas chicken farmer called Carroll Shelby he was born in 1923 with a heart condition which meant he lived much of his life on a daily dose of nitroglycerine pills that’s probably why one day he decided to become a racing driver after not quite making the grade he heard that in little old England a small company called AC was struggling to find an engine for its sports car the ACE he brokered a deal with Ford to supply big v8s and what became known as the AC Cobra was born the Sunday Times reported that the coupe a version had achieved a hundred and ninety miles an hour on the m1 and the following week the Daily Mail said this had sparked Fury with motoring organizations thanks to the males campaign the 70 mile an hour limit was introduced in America though the Cobra cemented a partnership between Shelby and Ford a partnership that spawned many great cars and losted right up until May of last year when at the age of 89 he died just before he passed away though he got to see this apparently he liked it and I liked the fact that it bears his name on the back I wasn’t going to say at this point well mr. Shelby wherever you are my victory today it’s for you but I am so far behind I just can’t bring myself to say it however while I was delivering my small history lesson either the engine had stopped

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