Shell buys Russian naphthy and gas

Shell buys Russian naphthy and gas


Naftogaz giant Shell announces the availability ofn oil and gas, see the information on the company’s website.

The statement says that Shell is negligent to pin down all purchases ofn crude oil, the closure of filling stations, as well as the production of aviation fuel and oil materials from.

The company calls its previous decision about the continuation of the purchaser wrong and ask for a new rebate.

Shell is also planning to discuss with the low ranks of the country a change in the supply of crude oil to turn offn syrovina.

“The ability to increase the capacity of both the most recent and the most physical expansion and the availability of alternatives means that we can borrow and bring down throughput at some of our refineries,” Shell says.

Earlier, the oil and gas company Shell was criticized for buyingn oil.

She herself promised to send the surplus to her to help Ukraine, turning it into a special fund. Shell speaks out loud, that they are not inspired by the same name.

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