Shocking Japanese view of the old Citroen van

Shocking Japanese view of the old Citroen van

Citroen HY Van – a cult classic of the French brand. But the Japanese they are – it’s like a Lamborghini or a Citroen. They see in their own correct tuning and not shy JDM’of shit everything that comes into their hands. And this van is a very proof.

If this car appeared on our roads, most likely, it would have ranked as one of the abandoned. But really this car put a very decent amount of money compared to the cost of a decent new car from the salon!

And although at first glance it seems that van even wheels no, they are not only there, but also very cool. It’s all in the love of the Japanese to underestimate the car. In this case this had not only put the cylinders and rebuild the chassis and totally redo the chassis – this mission entrusted to specialists from the office Ushio Automobile. They also changed the gearbox and motor. And it is unlikely you will guess that not supposed to be here…

The tuners threw the family CAT and the engine, replacing them with units and assemblies from a Mazda RX7! Yes, now this retro truck moves with a rotary engine. Moreover, it changed the layout – now the mid-engined van. Air suspension is designed so that I had to cut out the bottom, but because the wheels and avtozapchastini simply stuck in the cargo hold.

As for the exterior, the owner of Belmondo (a nickname in this van) tried to keep it as authentic. Rust and traces of time are not removed deliberately, however, unfortunate that in the body nothing will throw Paula isn’t here.

The interior cabin is still in the process of completion, but already it is clear that he is a rather harmonious blend of old and new technologies. The instrument panel is fully electronic, it is inferred remote control air suspension.

In conclusion – a few words about the project budget. And although the owner has lost count, he said, the total cost of improvements, including the purchase of the donor, is of the order of 50-60 thousand dollars. A lot? By Japan standards it’s quite the amount of lift, especially for a custom project that you just can not go unnoticed even compared to supercars.

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