Should we wait for the new Logan and Sandero?

Should we wait for the new Logan and Sandero?


Renault Group will reduce the list of countries in which the low-cost Logan and Sandero models are sold. According to the Brazilian edition of Autos Segredos, the head of the alliance, Luca de Meo, decided not to sell inexpensive third-generation cars in Latin America, and the second generation Logan and Sandero, which is relevant for Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, will be removed from the assembly line in a few years. The sedan and hatchback are expected to be replaced by crossovers in Latin American markets.

At the beginning of the year, Groupe Renault presented a plan for the “Revolution” – a strategy for the coming years, the priority of which was to save money and maximize profits. Then it was reported that the French brand will abandon all unprofitable developments and investments in technologies that can be borrowed from Japanese partners, and will also reduce the model range. One of the first victims of the new strategy was the Datsun brand.

According to Autos Segredos, now it’s Brazil’s turn. The country hastily curtailed preparations for the launch of the third-generation Logan and Sandero, and the current generations of models will remain on the assembly line for another two years. On January 1, 2024, new safety requirements for cars will come into force in Brazil, which the current Logan and Sandero do not meet, and Renault, aiming at profit, rather than increasing production, is unlikely to invest in their modernization.

Renault gives priority to crossovers, in particular, the new Bigster model, which has already been promised to the Brazilians. In addition, another SUV car is in development, which is still codenamed HJF. It is expected to be the successor to Sandero Stepway, based on the CMF-B platform. Another novelty for the Brazilian market will be the updated Renault Duster Oroch pickup.

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