Shown Toyota Corolla in the Nightshade Edition special version


A hatchback in the new version will boast additional options.

The Japanese automaker starts selling a special version of the Corolla, dubbed the Nightshade Edition. Based on the sporty SE trim, Nightshade Edition got a blackened external emblem, 18-inch wheels, a stepless transmission is already in the database, and also black bottom panel, door handle, cover exterior mirrors and much more. Manufactured in black, silver or white, Corolla Nightshade Edition of the estimated 22 290 USD for the hatchback and 22 750 USD for a sedan.


Along with the Nightshade Edition, hatchback Corolla gets a few new features. In particular, all modifications of the model is now compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the last of which was not available earlier previously. Meanwhile, optional black roof adds extra style to a hatchback Corolla, painted in white, bronze, silver, red or blue.

Finally, a compact hatchback Corolla in the performance of the SE is fitted with either a CVT or six-speed ??manual transmission, offer additional cargo space thanks to the configuration that replaces the spare tire installed under the floor, more compact repair kit tire to lower the trunk floor.

What Corolla do you prefer the hatchback or the sedan?

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