Shows the updated GAZ-69 “Goat”

Shows the updated GAZ-69 “Goat”

The specialists of the shop Truck Garage plan to re-release the popular in Soviet times, the SUV GAZ-69, in common “goat”, produced in the USSR from 1952 to 1972.

However, the production version of the SUV will be strictly limited – it is planned to collect 12 pieces. All will be done 3 modifications of GAZ-69: “pickup”, with a hard top and a convertible with a folding roof. If the release is adjusted, then the car will be assembled in Saint-Petersburg.

Experts have told that plan to leave the series only frame and body. Under the hood will settle motor HEMI V8 volume of 5.7 and 6.4 liters. Note that in the “stock” the engine produces an impressive 500 HP of power. They will be purchased in the US, however has travelled, but not more than 30 thousand km, However, remains a mystery – will not collapse if the Soviet car from such a crazy acceleration.

The interior of the car is made in the style of 60-ies. Though the head unit is the ability to sync with a smartphone, and the seats get electrically.

The price for this GAZ-69 “goat” will be more than 4 million rubles ($63 300), but at the moment the project is frozen, and the exact date of the start of production is not reported.

How do you price tag such a car?

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