Shows the world’s first serial electric fire truck

Shows the world’s first serial electric fire truck


Rosenbauer, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vehicles for the fire services, presented the standard equipment the world’s first fire truck with a fully electrical unit.

As they say representatives of the company, the electric car has become not only a benchmark of environmental performance, but also more compact and manageable in comparison with similar models with a classical internal combustion engine. Also, a new car more convenient and safer to manage, as now the rescuers can do their job from the ground, not climbing into the cockpit.


Fully equipped and ready to work electric car costs 1.2 million dollars, which is little more than a basic truck, but a car with electric motor is much cheaper to operate and maintain. So after a short period of time, the primary difference in price will disappear.

Among advantages it is necessary to highlight its modularity – the role and functions of the car can be easily changed if necessary. The back of the pumper, for example, can be converted into a small cabin ambulance where rescuers will have the opportunity to provide first aid.

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