Similar plows: put up for sale rare car for $4000

Similar plows: put up for sale rare car for $4000


At the auction exhibited a rare Plymouth Valiant Convertible 1965. In addition to an elegant exterior and a beloved American style, used car remarkable resemblance to the Cossacks.

In 2015 this car was restored and received certain modifications. These include new finishes and appliances in the cabin, audio system, components of the power plant, upgraded brakes and even steering wheel with the Audi logo.

The condition of the car is good, however convertible the Plymouth still needs some modifications. We are also interested to note that in the design of observed similarities to familiar us with the ZAZ-966.


Note the typical transition from the front round headlamps to the wings, a flat nose and a recognizable swage line that runs along the body. Of course, Plymouth Valiant Convertible much bigger and more powerful. But to explain this similarity between the possible features of automotive design, because these models were developed approximately at the same time.

Sell the car on Bring a Trailer. Before the auction a few hours left, so potential buyers stepped up and began to raise rates. At the time of writing, the highest cost was $ 4,000. However, sell old car, most likely, expensive.

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