Simulator lungs from Lamborghini

Simulator lungs from Lamborghini


Experimental design unit Lamborghini together with leading Italian manufacturer of equipment for artificial lung ventilation (ALV) Siare Engineering International Group has developed simulators of lungs, which are used to evaluate performance of equipment for artificial lung ventilation. It employees the Lamborghini took just two weeks.

Lung simulators are used to assess the safety of the ventilator and for training of medical personnel. The device is directly connected to the circuit apparatus, and in more advanced embodiments, by adjusting the resistance of the respiratory tract, the lung and leakage. Simulators developed by Lamborghini just over two weeks, and for their production the company uses its own 3D printers HP 4200 Jet Fusion 3D technology polychord fusion.


They are the same prints Lamborghini facial flaps. Capacities allow to produce 18 simulators lung and 200 flaps daily. In addition, the entire staff of the division responsible for covering interior and personalization of supercars, now transferred to the tailoring of medical masks. A day Lamborghini can supply doctors to a thousand masks.

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