Since the beginning of the year we opened four new dealer CITROEN – despite crisisa, with faith in the future!


The brand CITROËN is continuing to expand its dealer network. Since the beginning of the year in Ukraine started to operate four new dealership of the Brand in many different parts of the country – which proves the faith of CITROEN in the future development of the Ukrainian market and the desire to be a reliable partner for customers.

Crises come and go – and the confidence to trusted partners remains forever. The CITROEN brand has always been a reliable partner for its existing clients and intends to become one for new buyers. That’s why CITROEN has not abandoned plans to expand the dealer network in Ukraine, even in conditions of quarantine restrictions spring 2020 and carried out a number of tasks – from the beginning of year in Ukraine was opened four new CITROEN dealer!

“Lion Car”, Zaporizhzhya, January 2020

January was particularly fruitful for CITROEN – opened two new autofocus. So, a real “discovery” for Zaporozhye was the updated dealership “lion Car”, which is located at the address Warehouse, 8: number of major transport interchange of the city, and the track in the direction of the airport of Zaporozhye. The location is convenient for residents of Zaporozhye, and for clients from nearby cities or neighboring regions – Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk.

The dealer “lion Car” includes a showroom with a total area of 400 square meters, which allows you to simultaneously present ten cars – the whole range CITROEN in Ukraine. Work offices of financing the purchase (credit and leasing), car insurance, available car sharing surcharge (Trade-In) and the ability to test drive the selected model. In addition, the centre “lion Car” can offer the services of an authorized service for maintenance and repairs of cars: total area 410 sq. m, six posts for vehicle maintenance, car wash, etc.

“Avtotsentr skirts”, Athens, January 2020

The second opening January 2020 became a CITROEN dealership in the city of Vinnitsa. New dealer of the Brand consists of car town AUTOWORLD located at the address Nemirovsky highway 94 near the interchange, which connects Vinnitsa with routes to other major cities – Zhitomir, Uman, Khmelnytsky. Thus, the new CITROEN dealership will be able to work for the benefit of residents and attract customers from other nearby settlements. After all, the new automotive center will definitely find something to offer each client a spacious showroom with the latest range of CITROEN, brand authorized service station, the Department of crediting and insurance of cars, the possibility of a test drive, car wash, rest room for customers.

“38ra”, Kyiv, April 2020

The development of the dealer network of the Brand did not stop even in the midst of quarantine restrictions. On the contrary: the new CITROEN dealer in Kiev began its work with an important social mission – the opening of the authorized service for maintenance of machinery, continuing to work in conditions of quarantine (ambulances, armored cars). We are talking about the automobile centre “38ra”, which is located in Kiev, on the street, 13 is a convenient location on the right Bank of the capital, among the largest residential areas, as well as at the intersection of several main traffic arteries of the city.

Car center “38ra” was created as a single multi-purpose center. First, it includes a spacious showroom, where both can be submitted up to 12 cars: in fact, the entire model range of the Brand, and model best-selling can be present even several versions. Secondly, potential buyers are Finance (credit, leasing) and car insurance – all this allows to make the process of buying a car more simple, clear, fast. Third, the functions authorized service station: six lifts to service cars, special posts for repair of electrical equipment, aggregate industry, area of the polishing body as a whole HUNDRED can serve up to 30 cars per day. Finally, fourth, there are numerous additional services: car wash, children’s room, the possibility of a test drive, exchange a used car for a new one (Trade-In), etc.

“EMPIRE”, Kherson, Mai 2020

Finally, in may opened a CITROEN dealer “EMPIRE” in Kherson City at the address highway 7a. New automotive center is the youngest in the “cage” CITROEN, and therefore carried out in strict accordance with the most current standards for design and signature style: plenty of light and spacious rooms, soft color design the different zones. But, of course, about the functionality of thought, in a single complex assembled showroom for display of new cars with the ability to accommodate the entire range of the Brand, divisions, lending and leasing, authorized service for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, which has 8 lifts for cars service that allows you to serve up to 50 cars a day, car wash, sale of original accessories. In the end, the new dealership CITROEN lets clients get a full range of services: from choosing and buying a car, continuing his service, ending with the purchase and installation of various accessories. This integrated approach will surely attract many customers from Kherson and the region, and from the nearest towns of Odessa, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions.

It should be noted that dealerships CITROEN even in conditions of quarantine restrictions continued to operate in the mode of service stations. This allowed to maintain and repair the vehicles that were critical to maintaining the health and functioning of the various activities in the country: medical ambulances, collectors for banks, special vehicles (e.g. vans refrigerated vans to deliver food to the stores), etc., After the weakening of quarantine restrictions, began their work and showrooms for the sale of new cars – of course, in full compliance with safety rules: the presence of disinfectants for the hands, the mandatory use of face masks, maintaining a safe distance between people, frequent airing and cleaning of premises, frequent disinfection of show cars and a car for test drives. As a result, today the Brand CITROEN invites you to visit the dealerships in their cities – both new and well known – to get acquainted with automotive innovations: we are open and waiting for you!

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