Sitting in the Jaguar Land Rover will begin to mimic the walk

Sitting in the Jaguar Land Rover will begin to mimic the walk


Concern Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is working on the seats of the new generation. They will be equipped with tiny electric actuators, which with the help of micro changes the shape of the surface mimic the rhythm of the walk.

According to statistics, more than a quarter of the world’s population leads a sedentary lifestyle. This leads to a weakening of the muscles of the legs, back pain, and also increases the chances of serious injuries from a fall or strain. One of the solutions to this problem is creating sensors that simulates walking, which reduces the harm on long trips.


The technology proposed by JLR, is a built in cushion seats electric actuators alternately changing the shape of the left and right side. Thus it stimulates the muscles of the thighs, that the brain creates the illusion of a leisurely stroll.

Previously, Jaguar Land Rover said it will develop its own technology based on artificial intelligence that can recognize the mood of the driver. Based on data from multiple sensors, the car group will be able to change the settings multimedia, climate control, heated seats and lighting, to make the trip more comfortable.

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