Six-wheeled Dodge Viper: why is it so?

Six-wheeled Dodge Viper: why is it so?


The Network published photos of a strange Dodge Viper sample of 1996. In addition to the camouflage livery and extreme body kit, the owner of the sports car installed four wheels on the rear axle.

The first modifications of the sports car owner began to implement a few years ago. First, the owner painted the Dodge Viper in a dark green color, put a lot of inscriptions referring to the American army, and also reduced the ground clearance as much as possible. Then “Viper” received an experimental sports body kit and got a new exhaust system.

However, all these modifications to the owner of the sports coupe seemed little enough. Then he decided to install four 20-inch wheels with wide tires on the rear axle of the sports car. Such a double-sided bushing is used in commercial vehicles to increase the load capacity. In addition, the owner had to expand the wheel arches, as well as install additional brake lights and reflectors on them.

The owner of the modified Dodge Viper positions his sports car as an “army all-terrain vehicle”.

However, most likely, all these shocking improvements are made in order to demonstrate how crazy it is possible to make a production car.

In early November, the Network published a photo of a very strange tuned Toyota C-HR. In addition to the many bright exterior details, the owner of the modified crossover decorated the appearance of the car with emblems and inscriptions referring to the superhero film universe of Marvel.

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