Size matters? Baby Smart dragging three heavy truck (video)

Size matters? Baby Smart dragging three heavy truck (video)


A team of bloggers with a YouTube channel has decided to conduct a rather interesting experiment. To electric compact car Smart they attached a rope, the other end of which was from three huge truck, Jeep Gladiator, Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-250. The purpose of the experiment is quite simple – can the little electric car to drag him the three huge monsters.

In the end, the goal was achieved, with the first attempt. First Smart pull the pickups one at a time. It should be noted that in the back of the Ford and Chevrolet were also cargo.


From Smart EV powerplant has the torque is only 130 Nm. Bloggers decided before the experiment to make improvements and impact increased to 156 Nm.

Each truck weighs more than 2 tons, if you add all the weight together, Smart was able to pull a about 7.5 tons.

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