Skoda handed out augmented reality goggles to employees


Skoda has distributed HoloLens augmented reality glasses to some employees that project holograms of technical manuals and checklists. The automaker believed that this device would simplify production line maintenance processes and reduce the likelihood of errors.

The HoloLens system consists of glasses that display holograms and a camera-projector device. Lenses provide peripheral vision, and virtual displays in the field of view complement the real image. To exit mixed reality mode, simply flip open the visor.

The glasses with augmented reality (AR) technology were received by specialists from the Skoda central technical service department. They can access documents in real time, connect with colleagues from other departments, share technical files, and view manuals, checklists and instructions during the maintenance process.

While Skoda is testing HoloLens glasses in pilot mode, however, the first results are already available: the probability of errors has decreased, and the work process has noticeably accelerated.

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