Skoda has released images hatchback Scala, it is now a Roadster

Skoda has released images hatchback Scala, it is now a Roadster


The press service of the Czech automaker has released images hatchback Scala, who has now assumed the body type Roadster. The image was created for entertainment purposes by students.

Today Skoda has shown the world what car was created by students of vocational schools of the company. It is worth noting that this is the seventh student project. Radically different from last year’s truck, which was named Mountiaq was created on the basis of seven-seater crossover Kodiaq, a new one-off car based on the hatchback Scala. As you can see from the presented teaser, it has undergone many changes as the rear doors and seats are gone, and the roof. This is because the main idea was to transform the five-door hatchback in a more attractive Roadster – the car is now called Skoda Scala Spider.

20 students worked on Scala Spider within a few months to “cut off” the roof of the car and upgrade its rear part to create a more smooth body design, complete with a pair of humps behind the seats, which are similar to those of Porsche 911 Speedster.


You will also notice mounted on the center hex outlet and two-tone alloy wheels, borrowed from the high-performance Octavia RS. The other sketch shows that the interior is largely transferred from the original hatchback, with red stitching on the steering wheel, assuming that the interior will be borrowed from high-grade complete set of Monte-Carlo.

In June will be shown the hatchback version of the Skoda Scala with an open top. Will be interesting to see, whether to create vocational school students in mladá Boleslav convertible top for the Roadster or one-off project car has no roof. It should be noted that the students received advice and feedback from the present design Department of the company, including from Oliver Stefani, head of Skoda Design.

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