Skoda has significantly changed the prices for their cars

Skoda has significantly changed the prices for their cars


Most new cars add to the price for a number of reasons. And Skoda cars are no exception.

According to, the brand from Mladá Boleslav has increased the cost of almost all of its cars. For some models, the price increase is not so sharp and barely noticeable, but there are cars whose updated prices may even scare off potential buyers.

Octavia has risen in price the least – by only 1-2 thousand Czech crowns ($ 46-92). The Scala and Kamiq crossovers added 5,000 kronor ($ 231). Next comes Superb – the liftback jumped by 14 thousand ($ 647), and the station wagon – by all 24 thousand ($ 1,108!).

The big Kodiaq cross also added in price – plus 19 thousand kroons ($ 878). The Czechs have not forgotten about their electric crossover Enyaq – the new product has risen in price by 17 thousand kronor ($ 785). The only model which managed to avoid the price is the new generation Fabia. By the way, its production started just a few days ago.

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