Skoda is launching a special Parent Taxi service

Skoda is launching a special Parent Taxi service

According to Skoda, the British parents passing additional 1648 miles (2652 miles) annually due to the fact that carry their children in schools. This is equivalent to 12 565 pounds or 15 593 USD per movement by taxi (if the students get to class on their own).

In fact, 66 percent of the parents said that sometimes I feel like a taxi service for their children, spending on average an additional three hours of travel every week. Depending on the region statistics is different and reaches a maximum 3447 kilometres (2142 miles) spent on transportation. Realizing the impressiveness of these figures and the actual needs of families, Skoda is a Taxi app Parent acting like a real taximeter. It allows parents to exchange ‘recruited’ miles on the household chores such as cleaning the machine, feeding a pet, cleaning bedrooms, and even Laundry service. The service is free and available for download on iOS and Android.

As for the functionality of the Parent Taxi, it tracks the car via GPS, and parents or guardians can set how many miles equals one trip.

This app I’ve been waiting for! It’s true that children usually have better social lives than adults and, as a consequence, it can mean a lot of travel by car each week. Although I like to encourage them to go out and do more, I think it’s a good idea to redeem for some help around the house said Joe Middleton, experiencing the app with my daughter.