Skoda is preparing a new car called Elroq

Skoda is preparing a new car called Elroq


In 2025, Skoda will unveil a new electric model that will become part of the new ‘Small BEV’ family with zero emissions. According to the latest report, the electric car will be named Skoda Elroq.

It is reported that the Czech brand will be responsible for the development of a new family of electric models “Small BEV”. One of the most important qualities that this range should have is prices below 20,000 euros, which will make cars more affordable for buyers.

As Skoda has already admitted, Citigo iV was a bestseller, but didn’t really make a profit. Despite this, Skoda has managed to carve out a niche in the now exclusive category of electric city cars with this model. The less successful model will be replaced by the new Skoda Elroq.

The Czech brand applied for the international registration of this trade name at the end of February last year with its current activity status. However, at the end of July last year, the brand also applied for a patent for the name in unique markets such as Singapore, New Zealand, Iceland and Australia, so one can think that the future of electricity will be linked to global production and that it will also reach these countries. p>

The new EV will be the technical twin of the future SEAT Acandra on the SSP platform, a new EV architecture that allows different body types for all segments, so it is a more advanced structure than MEB. In particular, they will keep front-wheel drive instead of rear-wheel drive.

Each of them will have their own personality. Skoda Elroq will receive a battery between the axles of a small capacity, but sufficient for a range of about 300 kilometers. The production of new items will be set up at SEAT facilities in Martorell. The debut of the model is scheduled for 2024, and the car will go on sale in 2025.

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