Skoda Kodiaq RS: more power and torque

Skoda Kodiaq RS: more power and torque

Thanks to the skill of the guys from the tuning Studio ABT, the high-performance version of the Czech crossover Skoda RS Kodiaq can now boast a capacity of 267 horsepower and torque to 540 Nm.

Probably because of its diesel engine, Czech “charged” crossover RS Skoda Kodiaq not very interested in European tuners, which was more interesting to work with the model Octavia RS. However, a well-known company ABT, which is known for its great love to the many products of the German concern Volkswagen Group, decided to try to upgrade what is currently the fastest production seven-seat SUV on the nürburgring race track.


Don’t let the appearance make you believe that it is quite normal Kodiaq RS with 20-inch black wheels and the ABT emblem, worn on the back door, because that’s not all, not all.

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The tuner had the opportunity to work on the 2.0-liter engine and was able to increase its capacity to 267 horsepower (540 Nm), whereas before, Kodiaq RS could boast 236 “horses” and 500 Nm. Thanks to the upgrades, Skoda Kodiaq in the form of the RS now accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds, or two tenths of a second faster than the standard version of the machine. No word on the maximum speed is not mentioned, but we recall that the maximum speed of conventional Kodiaq RS is 220 km/h.

As a final touch, the German tuner also provides a modified suspension to improve the handling of crossover during the passage of high-speed turns. In addition, for the Czech car designed by some external improvement, after which he began to look a little sportier.

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