Skoda Kodiaq will receive its own helipad

Skoda Kodiaq will receive its own helipad


Skoda has published a video dedicated to the Robinson Helicopter Session 2021 held at the brand’s headquarters in Mlada Boleslav. The highlight of the event was the updated Kodiaq crossover, the roof of which was transformed by specialists into a real helipad, on which the 500-kg Robinson R22 landed.

The video posted is a reference to one of the Top Gear episodes. In 2011, a two-seater helicopter landed on the roof of a moving Skoda Yeti while driving. At that moment Jeremy Clarkson was driving the Czech crossover. Ten years later, representatives of the company decided to repeat the trick, although now the updated Kodiaq, which stood motionless, acted as a helipad.

According to Skoda employees, to carry out a spectacular stunt, engineers have strengthened the rear suspension of the crossover to better balance with the front axle. At the same time, experts say that the factory modification of the Kodiaq could withstand the Robinson R22, which weighs more than 500 kilograms, even without technical intervention. In addition, a 100-kilogram platform, partly made of wooden planks, was installed on the roof of the car at the railing attachment points.

After all the preparations, the Czech pilot Jan Cermak landed on the crossover platform without any problems. Skoda Kodiaq with a helicopter on the roof became the main highlight of the Robinson Helicopter Session 2021.

In April last year, a video of a single-engine plane landing on a busy highway in Canada was published on the Web. The car’s pilot managed to make an emergency landing between the moving cars.

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