Skoda Octavia will get advanced security technologies

Skoda Octavia will get advanced security technologies


Czech automakers have developed an innovative security system, which will be implemented in all cars, but the newcomer in this plan will be Skoda Octavia new generation.

Such technologies include Turn ASSiSt function, which implies the simultaneous interaction of “smart” electronics with a whole array of cameras and radars scanning the entire infrastructure around the car. In particular, this “Alliance” tracks counter traffic at the intersection when turning left, along the way identifying in this case of cyclists and pedestrians. And in the case of non-standard and threatening the security of anyone of the participants in traffic situations the car will stop warning about the threat of a potential collision of the driver.


Moreover, equipped with such a functionality Skoda Octavia monitors blind zones even during Parking in the Parking lot, and will not allow, for example, to open the door of the driver or passenger from the cabin, if at this time coming up behind a cyclist. In the Arsenal of those opportunities also the system of warning of frontal collision, which, at the time of the alleged threats are able to independently take measures to detour the obstacles, given a suitable and safe path. This technology operates at speeds up to 140 km/h.

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