Skoda on Fire: Octavia Assembly Plans Foiled

Skoda on Fire: Octavia Assembly Plans Foiled


The Skoda plant in the Czech city of Mladá Boleslav is forced to produce models of the Octavia range understaffed and store them in warehouses until the regular supply of door panels resumes.

On the night of Sunday, January 31, in the city of Mlada Boleslav, located 65 km from Prague, there was a major fire in warehouses and production lines. The fire was extinguished by 100 firefighters and about 40 pieces of equipment, the damage exceeded one billion crowns (40 million euros). As Idnes notes, fortunately, there were no casualties, however, due to the emergency, the production and warehouse of Grupo Antolin, which produces elements of car door panels for Skoda Auto, were badly damaged.

When the production of automotive components will be restored, it is not known. According to preliminary estimates, this may take several months.

Because of what happened, the Skoda Auto plant in the same city again had to mass-produce understaffed cars, which it will store in parking lots. The company tried this approach last year due to a shortage of chips in production, when semi-finished cars were wrapped in film and stored in rented areas until the next batch of scarce components arrived. This time, such a fate is destined for the Octavia model.

Noted that the issue only affects production in Mladá Boleslav. Cars produced in Kvasiny will come off the assembly line in perfect condition.

Let’s add that the main production of Skoda Octavia for European markets is located in the Czech Republic. But in Ukraine, the current (fourth) generation is not produced, although the SKD assembly of Fabia, Karoq, Kodiaq and Superb models is organized at the Eurocar plant in Solomonovo.

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