Skoda Rapid was turned into a budget VW: official images

Skoda Rapid was turned into a budget VW: official images


New Volkswagen Polo 2021 model year shown on the official images. The next-generation model has undergone a lot of updates and even changed her body type.

On the market the new Volkswagen Polo will go in 2020. The popular model will be the absolutely not the car, are accustomed to buyers.

Budget sedan Volkswagen Polo in the change of generations has suddenly become a liftback, where the trunk lid opens with the rear window for easy access to the cargo area.

This is due to the fact that the popular model is moved on a platform new Skoda Rapid. In fact, the new sedan VW Polo is it a copy with a new front and aft, as well as a revised interior.


The grille design and headlights see the influence VW Jetta. The feed seems to have been inspired by luxury sedan VW Phideon.

In the cabin there is a similarity with the new Skoda rapid 2020 on a set of specific elements like a digital dashboard, the Central media monitor and a control unit climate control unit. But the design of the front of your.

Engines VW Polo 2021:

  • atmospheric 1.6 (90 HP)
  • atmospheric 1.6 (110 HP)
  • 1.4 turbo (125 HP)

With a 1.6-liter engine combined 5MKPP and 6АКПП, with the 1.4 litre and 7-speed DSG with two clutches.

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