Skoda Superb celebrates its 85th anniversary

Skoda Superb celebrates its 85th anniversary


Luxury cars first appeared on the territory of the plant Mlada, Boleslav, owned by the car manufacturer Laurin & Klement, 110 years ago.

In 1907, the FF boasted the first built-in eight-cylinder engine built in Central Europe. It was followed by other models with particularly smooth-running six-cylinder valve engines Knight and prestigious Skoda 860, which had an eight-cylinder engine and was produced from 1929 to 1933. Then the new generation Skoda 640 took the scepter. This model was equipped with a particularly innovative frame with a Central tube and an independent suspension and was the first in which was applied the name, which still characterizes the best models of Skoda.

The name “SUPERB” is derived from the English language, which ultimately comes from the Latin “superbus” means “proud” or “magnificent.” Skoda unveiled the Superb title 22 of October, 1934, to emphasize the exceptional character of the new Skoda 640. The first model of this sedan with a length of 5.5 meters, a width of 1.70 meters and a height of 1.66 meters, was submitted to the Director General Karel Skoda Lowenstein in January 1935. His wife, Paul decided to go with red. The production of Skoda Superb was launched in March 1935.


The top model was powered by a 2.5-liter six-cylinder engine producing 55 HP High demand quickly led to the increased waiting time of delivery: customers had to wait for the closed versions of four weeks, twice as long – the car is Superb. In addition to the standard specifications for an additional fee you can buy car radio with six electronic lamps and shelves are of rosewood behind the front seats.

Almost every year the company released new variations with more powerful engines and a wider range of equipment. After creating about 600 vehicles with control valves SV in 1938, the company Skoda unveiled Superb OHV inline six-cylinder engine producing 80 HP with a working volume of 3.1 liters. Shortly before production ceased in 1940 because of the war was released a small series of Superb 4000 with V8 engines. In 1946 Skoda resumed production of the revised version with six-cylinder engines, and in 1949 had been terminated for political reasons after more than 1,000 units were built for civil use. Thousand six hundred sixty military vehicles were also produced under the designations S S 952 and 956.

In 2001 he returned Skoda Superb: first modern generation, the series has expanded the range of products of the Czech automaker, including a midsize sedan. From the outset, the Superb has set the benchmark for rear legroom in its segment, impressing customers with their attractive design and excellent value for money and quality.

After creating 136 068 units, Skoda launched production of the second generation in 2008. His body type combines the advantages of classic sedan with a hatchback with a wide-opening trunk, which increased the already high value Superb. A year later, the company released the Skoda Superb COMBI with an impressive boot capacity from 633 to 1865 liters. Superb ultra-modern second-generation, among other innovations, has received system access and Keyless start, which was the first Skoda. 2015 404 756 units of the sedan and 217 734 modifications rolled off the production lines at the Skoda plant in Kvasiny.


The current series of the SUPERB enjoys global popularity in 2015. Never before has such high requirements are not applied to the design of the car Skoda, and never had so many innovative technologies for the development of new models, and never the Skoda engineers have not created so much space for drivers, passengers and their Luggage. There is a “phalanx” of new assistance systems from higher vehicle classes to improve safety, environmental protection and comfort.

In 2019, the flagship of the Skoda received a major update: full led matrix headlights, and an extended range of innovative assistance systems are just some of the numerous technical innovations that now make Superb one of the safest and most comfortable cars in its class. Fashion SCOUT version and a turbo diesel 2.0 TDI with 150 HP is a dynamic, economical and with low emissions engine EVO also are new. SUPERB iV will complete the series at the beginning of next year, the first electric model in a series plug-in hybrid drive.

About 54% of all the Superb models deliver to customers in Europe. However, China also claimed a series of top-end cars Czech automaker: 43 700 137 500 units delivered in 2018, almost one third of the Superb sold in the largest market Skoda. Germany was the second largest market for the Superb 19 200 cars. In the period from 2001 to the end of the first quarter of this year with production lines Skoda has gone a total of 1 280 600 units of the three model generations.

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