Skoda will take care of the drivers with pollen allergies

Skoda will take care of the drivers with pollen allergies

Czech carmaker Skoda has prepared for hatchback Scala new technology to protect drivers with pollen allergies. Dual-zone climate control is now able to detect and prevent the entry of allergen into the cabin.

Allergy to pollen is very serious problem for drivers. It causes sneezing, coughing, she begin to tear the eyes, and this has a negative impact on safety. The driver has two options: to ride all the time with the Windows closed and air conditioning with air recirculation inside the cabin, or to take pills before each trip. Both options are risky: from the constantly running air conditioner easy to get sick, and most of the tablets cause drowsiness and slow reaction.

Skoda has developed a system of recognition of pollen. The Climatronic system is able to detect pollen particles and automatically switch to air recirculation mode. The hatchback uses a special filter and air quality sensor configured to detect the allergen. It works almost instantly, shutting off external air intakes, thereby preventing the ingress of pollen into the cabin.

In addition, the air conditioning system is equipped with several sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity of the salon, providing the most rapid cooling of the air in the cabin. The hatchback is equipped with a sunlight sensor, which is not only able to determine the intensity of the sun’s rays but also their direction. Based on these data, the car can independently adjust the temperature separately for each part of the cabin.

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Hatchback Skoda Scala officially revealed in December last year. A car built on the same platform with the new Volkswagen Polo, took place just below the company’s bestseller, the Octavia model. Inspired by the concept of Vision RS model has already started to sell in European markets.

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