Sleep mode can not be disturbed: Tesla on the highway with a sleeping driver behind the wheel (video)

Sleep mode can not be disturbed: Tesla on the highway with a sleeping driver behind the wheel (video)


On a freeway in Wisconsin, a police officer stopped a Tesla Model 3 electric car with a sleeping driver behind the wheel. According to Carscoops, the car was in autopilot mode. A video of the incident appeared on YouTube.

Initially, other road users drew attention to the electric car, which drives along the highway with a sleeping driver. It was they who called the police. The patrol car initially caught up with Tesla to make sure the driver was actually asleep. After that, the police “got on the tail” of the motorist and turned on the flashing lights to stop him. However, this could not interrupt the driver’s sleep, who continued driving along the highway at a speed of 132 km per hour.

Only after the patrol car turned on the sirens, the intruder woke up and pulled over to the side of the road. The driver himself denies that he slept behind the wheel when the autopilot mode was activated. However, a police officer is a witness to this. As a result, the offender received a fine for inattentive driving.

Tesla has repeatedly emphasized that autopilot is an auxiliary function. When this function is activated, the driver must keep his hands on the steering wheel. At the moment, Tesla has already launched beta testing of a proprietary next-generation Autopilot feature called FSD (Full Self Driving). Elon Musk emphasized that this one could become a breakthrough in the development of a system in which artificial intelligence will be entirely responsible for controlling a car, navigating in space and making decisions.

Last year, the Canadian Royal Police (RCMP) fined the driver of the Tesla Model S electric car, who turned on the autopilot function and slept while the car was moving at a speed of almost 150 km per hour. In addition, the 20-year-old violator was deprived of his rights for one day.

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