Sleep will not work: how will the Audi autopilot work

Sleep will not work: how will the Audi autopilot work


Audi’s chief legal officer commented on the possibilities and limitations of autopilots in the coming years. Yuta Klavitter is optimistic about the autonomous future, but at the same time, the expert is sure that people will need the ability to drive a car for a long time.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Carscoops.

“In Europe, by 2030, autonomously operating autopilots will definitely appear. But cars will mainly take control in cities,” she said. “But it is important to understand that we will definitely not be able to sleep freely in the car while the car is taking us to a given goal.”

There are no technical regulations to approve Level 4 autonomous driving in Europe yet. The new regulatory document will appear no earlier than 2024. From Klavitter’s point of view, harmonization of rules between countries is also important.

“We need to harmonize the rules at the European level,” she said. “Otherwise, the operation of machines with autopilot will be significantly limited geographically.” According to her, Germany is significantly ahead of Europe both in terms of regulation and technology.

“The path to autonomous driving, even from a legal point of view, in Germany and throughout Europe will move carefully and gradually,” she said. “It will be evolutionary, not revolutionary like in the US or China. It can also be an advantage, because the evolutionary path can build confidence in the quality of the function, which is what our customers expect from us.”

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