Slightly turned Renault Arkana for Europe noticed on the road

Slightly turned Renault Arkana for Europe noticed on the road


Renault Arkana – welcome to Europe crossover Renault, which will soon hit the market. But before that, more stylish modification Renault Duster will undergo changes.

New already testing on public roads in Korea. The prototype was photographed during testing. In this case, the body has almost no camouflage, which allows to study in detail design.

At the moment, the crossover Renault Arcana represented in developing countries. Now established on the basis of budget Renaut Duster car company intends to send to the global market. The first stop for expansion will be Korea, where the new model will be called Samsung XM3.


In appearance some noticeable differences from the Renault Arkana 2019: slightly different bumpers and the increased amount of decorative chrome finishes, allowing new car looks sportier and more expensive. However, brand kupeobrazny silhouette and stylish lighting have not gone away.

According to preliminary information, for the Korean and later the European market, the new crossover Renault may lose the Duster platform. Instead, the most likely donors of the components will be the Renault Clio and Captur 2020 model year. In this regard, the novelty can appear in the interior in their own style.

The projected powerplant is a turbocharged petrol 1.3 with a power of 157 BHP and 1.5 liter diesel engine. In the case of use of the platform Clio/Captur drive will be exclusively front.


New crossover Samsung will officially unveil before the end of 2020. But in Europe the model will be sold under the Renault brand.

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