Small but smart mobility: Hyundai will show an unusual droid

Small but smart mobility: Hyundai will show an unusual droid


Korean Hyundai has announced an unusual multifunctional robot Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED), which is a versatile four-wheel platform of small dimensions. The full presentation will take place at CES in Las Vegas, which opens in January.

MobED is designed to work in virtually all road and weather conditions. At the same time, when the creators call it universal, they never joke or try to embellish it. The droid is indeed capable of performing a wide variety of functions, from a baby stroller to a mobile display or a vehicle for the elderly. Well, or, for example, you can use it in courier delivery services, to transport various equipment or even glasses of champagne at banquets.

The robot is equipped with an unusual drive: each wheel is serviced by three electric motors, traction and a couple of service ones. That is, all four wheels are steerable, which makes it possible to turn literally in one place, and the adjustable suspension with eccentric mechanisms can raise and lower each corner of the body independently: MobED independently decides which ground clearance to choose for which surface. Such a ladder, perhaps, will be able to climb. Length – 67 cm, width – 60 cm, height – 33 cm. The weight of the droid is 50 kg. The maximum construction speed is 30 kilometers per hour. A 2 kW * h battery allows you to work on a single charge up to 4 hours.

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